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The following terms and conditions are binding upon the users of the site;

  1. Users must not copy any material from the site. If they copy we shall proceed against them
  2. In case of any copy of the content of the site we may go against the violation and contact the hosting company.
  3. Users must not try to leave any comment on the site which contains spamming.
  4. Any comment on the site can only be published if approved by the admin of the site
  5. Comments are removed after a month in order to lessen the database queries
  6. Users must not leave any list of their site or any other link in the comment section
  7. Users are not allowed to advertise their own business on our site
  8. Users must not use offensive language
  9. No racial intolerance shall be tolerated on the site in the comments
  10. The site links are nofollow and the users won’t get any advantage of leaving links nor they can leave links
  11. The site is affiliated with google and google’s terms are applied to the users